Code of conduct

We wish to make a productive and pleasant experience for all users of the Social Development Community of Latin America and the Caribbean. Therefore, each and every user of the website and the contributions made in it, must comply with the current code of conduct.  

By participating in the Social Development Community of Latin America and the Caribbean, the user agrees to respect this code of conduct and all the conditions listed below:

In this code of conduct, the terms “contribution” refers to any material published or uploaded into the website by a member or user, including text, data, photographs, graphics, video, audio material or any other media used or created in the future.

General Rules

Users should not:

  1. Send or post offensive or harassing material or contributions, to other users or to the general public;
  2. Publish defamatory and/or deliberately false material about any person, other users or national or international entities;
  3. Disclose confidential information, which may include, but is not limited to: banking information, private information of a private or public organization, and confidential documents from individuals or institutions, among others;
  4. Deliberately carry out activities that go against the objectives of this community;
  5. Introduce any kind of malicious software into the Community.

Your contributions:

  1. Should not plagiarize or violate copyrights, databases, trademarks, trade secrets, privacy, personal or property rights of any type. 
  2. Should not contain illegal, harmful, hostile, threatening, defamatory, obscene, abusive, hateful and/or offensive material in racial, sexual and religious terms. Users are encouraged to be respectful in their relationship with other members, even if they disagree with them. The discussions that take place must be productive, so any constructive and respectfully expressed criticism is welcome.
  3. Should address the issue that is being developed and not contain inappropriate or irrelevant website addresses or URLs. Links that contain any inappropriate contain will be removed.
  4. The contributions must not promote any illegal behavior, nor contain violent or sexually explicit material; advocate, promote or assist any illegal act like, but not restricted to acts of terrorism, copyrights violation or calls to violence.
  5. Is not allowed under any circumstance the identity theft of any of the members, both current and future. It's not allowed either that the expressed opinions by the users are taken as an official statement from ECLAC, or to express themselves in such a way as to give the impression that they emanate from ECLAC or any other United Nations agency, when it is not the case.
  6. Any kind of spam content or forwarding is not allowed, either for advertising ends or as an unnecessary repetition of comments already made.
  7. Users who violate these rules and guidelines will be notified with a warning message by the community management team and notified of their removal or suspension as appropriate. Users who commit violations of this code will be permanently excluded from access to the community.
  8. If any of the contributions exposed in the community are considered offensive or inappropriate for you, we invite you to notify it through the interaction platforms provided for such matters.
  9. The management team of the Social Development Community of Latin America and the Caribbean will permanently and periodically review the code of conduct, which may be modified, so we recommend the periodic revision of this code. Please visit this website regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes made as they are binding.