Grenada – Compendium on Environmental Statsitics 2020

The Central Statistical Office (CSO), Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economic Development and Physical Development of Grenada is pleased to publish its second compendium of Environmental Statistics. As a small island developing state, the environment is extremely important to us and our livelihood and as a matter of fact a great percentage of our population can attribute the state of the environment as a contributing factor to the generation of a daily wage or a monthly salary.

The publication of this data is also in keeping with the mandate for collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of timely accurate statistics to all stakeholders. The compilation of environmental statistics is supported by both the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat and the United Nations

Statistics Division (UNSD) whose mandate is to strengthen and build capacity in the generation of social, economic, gender and environmental statistics and indicators at the regional and global levels respectively. This publication also falls in line with the monitoring of the United Nations Sustainable

Development Goals indicators, where more than half are environmentally-related. It our hope and goal that in future; with the consistent collection of environmental statistics; to compile Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by use of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) method which takes into consideration the impact economic activity has on our environment. It is felt that we need to be able to assess tradeoffs when we exploit our ecosystem and environmental assets for economic gain (or losses in some instances).

The Office acknowledges the efforts of all area experts and stakeholders with whom we consulted, to gather a better understanding of our statistical information. And would like to single out the efforts of the teams from CARICOM and UNSD. The CSO recognizes the efforts of Mr. Junior Alexis and Ms. Tamika George in the collection, compilation and publication of the statistics on the environment.

The Compendium on Environmental Statsitics is available at the following link:

Cover page of the The Compendium on Environmental Statsitics 2020 of Grenada
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