Suriname - 10th Environment Statistics Publication 2017-2021

In this 10th publication in the Series "Suriname in figures" that exclusively pays attention to the Environment, with various stimuli and responses, the "Environment" is still defined as:" All biotic and abiotic factors that could influence the physical, psychological and social well-being of man".

This publication again contains many figures, graphs and tables. Although there are still quite some data gaps, we cannot be dissatisfied with the results herein as we progress step-by-step. Besides, in this publication, extra attention is devoted to climate change.

This publication covers 13  relevant sectors, namely:

1. Demographic and Socio-economic Background

2. Climate and Natural Disasters

3. Tourism

4. Transport

5. Environment and Health  

6. Water

7. Energy and Minerals

8. Forestry

9. Coastal and Marine Resources

10. Land Use and Agriculture

11. Biodiversity

12. Air

13. Waste

The Compendium is available at the following link:    

Cover page of the Environment Statistics Compendia 2021 of Suriname